Analysis of the customer experience

Customer experience (also called “CX”) is now an essential success factor for any company. Indeed, 64% of consumers say that experience is more important than price. Over the past 10 years, we have developed our own tools and methods, and since 2019 we have been offering a scientific methodology that allows us to accurately and reliably measure the 6 dimensions of the customer experience.

Below are two concrete examples of projects in which a CX analysis has been carried out.

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Customer experience analysis for a smoothies brand

One of our first projects was carried out for Guapa, a chain with more than 20 outlets for the sale of fresh smoothies in Belgium. It was on this occasion that we developed our first graphical customer experience analysis tool, inspired by the work of Bernd Schmitt (Columbia Business School, New York), where our founder followed the courses.

We reproduce this tool below (a downloadable version is also available on our “resources” page). The method makes it possible to accurately visualise each step of the customer experience and to describe in detail each of the moments during the purchase and consumption («pendant” cycle in the graph below).

Tool used to analyse customer experience for a smoothies brand in Belgium

Framework used to analyse the individual moments of consumption.

Each moment was then objectively evaluated (notably through qualitative field research and a satisfaction survey) to identify the areas where improvements could be made.

Customer experience analysis for a telecom operator

In 2016-2017, we conducted significant research for the telecom operator VOO, the primary aim of which was to understand the factors of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction. This research was structured around 3 phases:

  1. Desk research consisting of a review of the scientific literature on satisfaction/dissatisfaction in the telecom sector and issues related to service quality
  2. A qualitative phase based on listening to 100 telephone interviews between customers and the hotline to identify the overall factors causing customer dissatisfaction
  3. A qualitative phase based on face-to-face interviews within the family nucleus to understand how dissatisfaction factors led to unsubscription and what decision-making dynamics were operating within the family
Logitudinal analysis of customer experience

Logitudinal analysis of customer experience for a telecom company

At the end of this research, we were able to graphically represent the customer experience throughout the customer’s life, from the time they became aware of VOO’s offer to the time they unsubscribed. A total of 33 distinct “moments” in the client’s life were identified. For each of these moments, the market research allowed us to measure customer expectations, the level of service, and to deduce the level of customer satisfaction.

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