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Specialists in customer satisfaction & satisfaction surveys

Probably the only real specialists in customer satisfaction.

IntoTheMinds specialises in measuring customer satisfaction and understanding the factors that influence it. Our rigorous approach, inspired by the scientific work of our founder, ensures that you have the necessary keys to increase customer satisfaction.

By choosing our services, you can say goodbye to baseless quantitative questionnaires, quick online surveys and discover why we are probably the only company that can understand all aspects of customer satisfaction.

The client is not happy…but do you really know why?

Our priority: understanding the factors that determine customer satisfaction

This restaurant customer is apparently dissatisfied. But have you ever wondered why?

Is the service below his expectations? Or is his dissatisfaction due to the faster service at the next table? Perhaps he regrets not having been to another restaurant where he imagined a better quality of service? Or was the service objectively poor that night? Answering these questions is crucial if you want to improve and beat the competition.

However, no simple questionnaire will ever allow you to capture the full complexity of the judgment of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Different mechanisms can be at work that depending on the individuals. It is therefore not possible, by definition, to apply the same method of assessing satisfaction to all your customers. This is why at IntoTheMinds quantitative surveys are always preceded by a qualitative phase to understand the causes of customer dissatisfaction.

Your guarantee of accuracy: a 2-step customer satisfaction approach

Our customer satisfaction studies are based on 2 steps:

  1. qualitative research to gain an in-depth understanding of the factors that influence customer satisfaction
  2. quantitative research, to measure it

The first step is crucial because it will give you access to the real levers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

We will translate these levers for you into a plan of action that, once implemented, will allow you to correct what needs to be corrected and thus improve customer satisfaction.

We use techniques such as clinical interview, CIT (Critical Incident Technique) Hierarchical Value Analysis to understand the drivers of satisfaction among different categories of customers. We design one or more measuring instruments (depending on the context, depending on the type of customer) and only then conduct a quantitative study. Finally, we analyse the results and identify the potential for improvement in actions to be implemented, with or without our assistance.

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