Analysis of retail store locations in France, Belgium, Luxembourg

Choose the location that will maximise your chances of success

IntoTheMinds carries out business location studies in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. Also called “implementation research”, A location study allows you to decide on the best location for your business based on the customer pool in the catchment area. To carry out our analyses, we use public statistical data that we combine with data collected in the field, specifically for the needs of your project. This data is presented to you on interactive maps that allow you to make the best decisions based on your objectives. An example of such a map is provided below.

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Our implementation surveys at a glance

  • Locations: France, Belgium and Luxembourg
  • Delivery time: from 3 weeks
  • Budget: from 3500€ excl. VAT

What is implementation research?

Implementation research makes it possible to:

  • quantify the potential of different locations to locate your business or company
  • determine the area with the highest potential in terms of customers, turnover and development prospects

Implementation research is based on two types of data:

  • public statistical data that allows you to understand your customers’ behaviour and anticipate their needs
  • data collected explicitly by IntoTheMinds for the purposes of your study, such as (non-exhaustive list):
    • data from a competition study
    • size and shape of the catchment area
    • flows (of pedestrians, cars)

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“Location, location, location”

Why do implementation research?

You probably know this saying of real estate agents: “Location, location, location”. The location of a property is the criteria that determine its value. This location criterion is also crucial in local shops. A poorly located establishment is the assurance of seeing the risks of failure increase. On the contrary, a well-located establishment (particularly in the HoReCa / CHR sector) guarantees you a pool of customers that is favourable to the development of your company.

How to carry out implementation research?

We distinguish two scenarios that determine how the implementation research will be carried out:

  • you have already identified a specific location for your company or business
  • you have identified a territory (at the scale of a region or country when the latter is small) but not yet a specific location

In the first case (especially if it is a local business) the location research will mainly focus on quantifying the flows (of passers-by, for example) in front of the future business, determining the catchment area and the competition within it. All this information, generally available in less than 4 weeks, makes it possible to give a reliable opinion on the chances of success.

In the second case, we first use socio-demographic data to identify more promising areas than others before focusing on the territories with the highest potential. The information is then visualised using the Carto software in the form of an interactive map, an example of which is given below.

Examples of location studies

Here are some examples of recent implementation research carried out in various European countries:

  • launch of a restaurant in Brussels (Marolles district)
  • analysis of locations for nurseries in Luxembourg
  • site studies for nursing homes in France (Rhône-Alpes and Var regions), Luxembourg and Belgium (Antwerp, Brabant-Walloon and Namur provinces)
  • launch of a fast food store in Brussels (Schuman district)

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